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Fotolia_76998066_S-300x200Every singer knows that in order to improve your voice and learn how to sing better you need to practice.

But what do you practice?

Do you just sing songs or do you need to sing vocal exercises. If vocal exercises are beneficial (and they are), which exercises are best for me, and how do I get results quickly so I can get on with the important stuff like performing and leaving my audience speechless.

I really do believe that practicing vocal exercises is the quickest way to improving your voice, increasing your range and fattening up your vocal tone, and help you sing in tune.

To help you with the question “which vocal exercises should I sing”, I have provided my top ten best vocal exercises training for FREE, so you can get started today.

The other awesome thing about these vocal exercises is you don’t have to sing them hours a day to see results. In fact you can combine these with singing songs to make your practice times more fun, or even use them as warm up exercises.

Who Am I

Hi, my name is Andy Barnes, and I am the author of The Natural Singing Method. You may ask why I would put together another singing course/tutorial, as there seems to be many on the internet at the moment. The main reason is to get good information into the hands of as many singers as possible so that they understand the basics of their instrument and they can apply it to learn how to sing better.

Singers are a funny breed. If you asked many singers about the correct way to sing or how to sing better, you would most likely get just as many different answers. While it is quite easy to understand how a keyboard, piano, guitar or wind instrument works, the human voice is much more difficult to work out as there is no easy way to pull one apart. As a result, there is much confusion over how the human voice works and there is still much we don’t know.

When I first started learning how to sing better, I was taught incorrectly, which has resulted in me having to spend many years unlearning bad habits and re-learning the good ones once I found a teacher who knew what they were doing. The thing about being taught the wrong way to sing is that a singer could end up damaging their voice permanently, even with all the technology and operations available today.

It took me three goes to find a teacher who could teach me how to sing correctly, and since then I have never looked back. To save anyone else from going through the same thing I have, I created this course that looks at the basics of singing and focuses on technique rather than just singing songs.

The real interesting thing is that the information that my singing teacher has given me is actually very difficult to find anywhere, and even if you do find it, it often is not in a simple form that is easy to understand and digest. To combat this, I have tried my best to distill the information in the simplest way possible so it can be understood by anyone, no matter how experienced they are.

The wonderful thing I love about this technique is that it is not about style. Once you have learned the technique, you should be able to sing any style you like, and the best thing is that you are singing as nature intended

It is my hope that you can use these videos and lessons to dramatically improve your voice, and eventually be able to sing freely, completely without interference.

Why Practice Vocal Exercises?

Practicing vocal exercises and scales can seem like a boring thing to do. After all, we just want to get on with the business of singing and enjoy performing and singing our favorite songs.

But to really learn how to sing better and improve quickly, you are going to have to do some work. An Olympic runner just doesn’t start running races without learning correct technique, doing drills and practice races etc. They need that conditioning to compete at the top level.

It’s exactly the same with singing. You need to condition your voice and practice the basics without having to worry about the rigors of singing songs. Using vocal exercises to build your voice will make singing those songs much easier.

Benefit From the Information Contained
In This Free Vocal Training

Never Sing Out Of Tune Again

One of the many benefits of practicing vocal exercises is training your voice to stay in tune. I have singers who couldn’t sing the note that was played on the piano be able to sing up and down a major scale without singing off pitch. If you have trouble singing in tune, then these exercises are for you.

Increase Your Vocal Control

If your voice seems to waiver when you sustain notes, tor your voice does not sound very secure when you sing, then you have come to the right place. The vocal exercises contained in this vocal training will help you improve your tone and that much sought after control of your voice, even on those long notes.

Discover The Secret To Increasing Your Range

Do you struggle to sing more than 2 octaves? If so, this guide will teach you exercises that you can use to start increasing your range in a safe manner today. We have also included an exercise that could potentially add another octave to your range.

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Inside You’ll Discover:

  • 10 Killer Vocal Exercises – Each exercise will be explained and also demonstrated so you can start practicing them straight away. We will also teach you musical concepts such as the major scale, arpeggios and chromatic scales. You will also gain a basic understanding of music theory by the time you have completed the vocal training.
  • The Power of Warming Down – Warming down is very important, and we will show you some exercises you can use to help you warm down the voice after practicing and performing
  • A Bonus Exercise That Can Unlock Your High Notes – If you have always wondered how to gain those high notes or you have always wanted to hit a high C, then this one exercise that you will learn will start you on the journey to realizing those dreams.

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