5 Easy Songs To Sing For Aspiring Vocalists

If you Are You Searching For Easy Songs To Sing…..

…you have come to the right place. If you are just starting out on you singing journey and you want to know what are some easy songs to sing, to practice on or perform, then please keep reading…..

In this article, I want to give you a few examples of easy songs to sing across three genres: musical theater, pop/rock and classical, quickly touch on what makes a song easy to sing, and then make a few suggestions around how to start practicing and singing them.

So let’s get started….

5 Easy Songs To Sing – Musical Theater

Here are some easy songs to sing in the musical theater genre:

easy songs to sing image 5

1) Empty Chairs At Empty Tables (Les Miserable)

This is a great male song that is quite easy to sing even though it has a 2 octave range. It has a top note of G4 and a mild tessitura (see below). Baritones, lyric baritones and tenors should be able to sing this quite easily.

Original version: Broadway Voice

Karaoke version: Professional Piano Accompaniment For Singers

Sheet music: Empty Chairs at Empty Tables Sheet Music

2) All I Ask Of You (Phantom of the Opera)

A great song for both males and females as it is a duet. The top note for a male is Gflat4 and for the female is Aflat4, but the tessitura is gentle and you can get plenty of rest when the other person sings their part.

Original version: Music of the Night

Karaoke version: Ameritz Karaoke

Sheet music: Phantom of the Opera Sheet Music

3) I Don’t Know How To Love Him (Jesus Christ Superstar)

A great female song for an alto, that has a good range and a mild tessitura along with an easy to learn melody. It is also in a more modern style (being rock opera), so you don’t need a classical style voice to sing this one.

Original version: Jesus Christ Superstar Albumeasy songs to sing image 2

Karaoke version: Jesus Christ Superstar Karaoke Hits

Sheet Music: Jesus Christ Superstar Sheet Music

4) Stars (Les Miserables)

This is a great song for a baritone or lyric baritone. It has a top note of E4 and a mild tessitura, and it gets quite dramatic at the end. I actually learned, practiced and performed this song when I first started singing and it is definitely a good one to start out on no matter what the voice type.

Original version: Les Miserable – The Original London Cast

Karaoke version: Les Miserable Karaoke Version

Sheet music: Stars Sheet Music

5) On My Own (Les Miserable)

I know there are many Les Miserables songs in this list, but this is a great song to sing for altos and mezzo sopranos. It does get quite climactic at the end, and it can get a little “belty”. The main thing is to sing it for your voice, i.e. if you don’t like to belt, then increase the volume to bring the drama, but try not to yell or belt as it can damage your voice.

Original version: Les Miserable – The Original London Cast Recording

Karaoke version: Les Miserable Karaoke Version

Sheet music: On My Own Sheet Music

Check out this video for some other ideas of songs in this genre you could try:


5 Easy Songs To Sing – Pop/Rock

Let’s now take a look at some easy songs to sing in the pop/rock genre:

easy songs to sing image 61) Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison)

This is a classic rock tune that has a top note of G4, and also has an easy melody and mild tessitura. It’s also very popular to sing at gigs and you should always get a favourable crowd reaction.

Original version: Brown Eyed Girls by Van Morrison

Karaoke version: Amazing Karaoke

Sheet music: Brown Eyed Girl Guitar and Voice Sheet Music

2) Torn (Natalie Imbruglia)

Well known song with an easy melody and a mild tessitura. Natalie Imbruglia only covered this song but it is a well known version.

Original version: Left of the Middle

Karaoke version: Ameritz Karaoke

Sheet music: Torn Sheet Music

3) Empire State Of Mind (Alicia Keys)

Great song, that doesn’t sit too high and has an easy tessitura, especially in the verses. This song is a lot of fun to sing and has a great chorus where you can really let rip. You should really enjoy this one. It can be sung by guys with a key changeeasy songs to sing image3.

Original version: The Element of Freedom

Karaoke version: Karaoke NYC

Sheet music: Empire State of Mind Sheet Music

4) Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)

Pretty easy song that both girls and guys can sing that has a big long guitar solo where you can have a break. It is also a bonafide classic and will never fail to get an audience singing along with you. It has a top note of E4, so it is not so high to sing and it is pretty easy to accompany yourself on piano or guitar.

Original version: Pink Floyd

Karaoke version: Chart top Karaoke

Sheet music: Wish You Were Here Sheet Music

5) 3AM (Matchbox Twenty)

Easy pop/rock song to sing for a male singer, with a good tessitura and a top note of G4. This is a pretty straight forward song to sing with an easy melody, but can get a little tricky with the phrasing. Can be a good set opener.

Original version: Matchbox Twenty

Karaoke version: The Best of Matchbox Twenty Karaoke

Sheet music: 3am Sheet Music

For more ideas, check out this video below:


5 Easy Songs To Sing – Classical

If you like to sing classically, then here are some easy songs to sing:

east songs to sing image 41) Der Winterriese (Franz Schubert)

This is a song cycle composed by Franz Schubert that is great for singers beginning in the classical genre. The songs top notes are most around F4 – G4 and the tessitura of the pieces are quite mild. Both male and female singers can sing these. The name translates to “The Winter Journey”.

Original version: Der Winterriese

Sheet music: Der Winterreise Score

2) I Am A Pirate King (The Pirates Of Penzance – Gilbert and Sullivan)

A great tune from The Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan. Generally a baritone would song this, but any male singer could attempt it. It has a very easy melody, a low range and a mild tessitura and is a song that you can have a lot of fun with.

Original version: Anthony Warlow

Sheet music: I am the Pirate King Sheet Music

3) Art Song (French, German, English)

Art songs are also great for beginners who want to sing classically (both male and female). Check out composers like Gabriel Faure, Charles Gounod, Franz Schubert, Benjamin Britten, Felix Mendolssohn, Robert Schumann etc. I won’t include links here as there are so many to choose from. Just Google any of the names above and you will find plenty of material.

4) Funiculi Funicula (Italian)

This is a famous Italian romantic song that is good for classical singers who are just starting out. It’s range is not too high and it has a goo tessitura that makes it quite easy too sing. This is good for both males and females.

Original version: The Three Tenors

Sheet music: Funiculi Funicula Sheet Music

5) Habanera or Toreador (Carmen)

These two arias are from Carmen and are written for Mezzo Soprano and Baritone respectively. Great operatic repertoire to start out on as it is not too heavy or high to sing. Both songs have easy melodies and their ranges an tessituras are quite mild.

Habanera version: Marilyn Horne

Toreador version: Carmen Highlights

Habanera sheet music: Free Scores

Toreador sheet music: Free Scores

What Makes A Song Easy To Sing

Finally I want to quickly explore what makes a song easy to sing. Generally, I look for 4 criteria – range, tessitura, intervals and melody. I explain each in a little more detail below:

  • Range

    Easy songs to sing generally tend to sit in the lower to middle area of the voice, with the top notes relatively easy to hit. For example, the ideal top notes in an easy male song would be F4 up to G4 for most voice types. Anything above that and the song would start to become more difficult to sing.

  • Tessitura

    Tessitura is an Italian word that basically means “the range within where most vocal parts fall”. Another way to explain this is “where the song sits in the voice”. This is different to the range of a song, as a song could have one or two high notes but for the most part sit in the lower part of the voice.

  • Intervals

    Easy songs to sing will tend to have mild intervals between notes. Generally, you won’t have to jump and octave or intervals greater than an octave in an easy song. You also won’t find any dissonant intervals such as sharp 4’s, which can be a bit difficult to sing.

  • Melody

    The melody of a song and the intervals between the notes are very much interrelated. Easy songs to sing tend to have melodies that are easy to learn, stick within the key of the song and have relatively small distances between notes (intervals).

How To Start Practicing/Singing These Songs

Once you have chosen the genre and the songs you would like to sing, here are a few tips to help you to learn and sing them easier:

  • Choose a key that suits your voice and isn't too high or low - You still want to challenge yourself so you improve, but don't pick a key where you will strain to hit the higher notes.
  • Take it a section at a time - If you don't know the song very well, then take it a section at a time until you are comfortable with that section before you move on to the next section.
  • Practice with backing tracks - Once you know the song and can sing it well, start practicing with backing tracks if you can find them, so you get used to singing the song by yourself. This is important if you are looking to perform it live.


So there you go – five easy songs to sing for pop/rock, classical and the musical theater genres. This should give you a great starting point for material you can start to sing in the genre you are most comfortable.

I hope you found this article insightful. Please fell free to share, comment, like tweet etc, to your hearts content.

Andy Barnes

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  • Carl Davies

    Reply Reply September 11, 2015

    I enjoyed this! I even picked up a few songs I haven’t heard of before. Will do that today for sure! Funny you should write about “5 Easy Songs To Sing For Aspiring Vocalists” because I have wrote a similar topic on my blog: How to Sing Good

  • Andy Barnes

    Reply Reply September 14, 2015

    Awesome – I will check out your blog to see how similar the song lists were

  • Andrew Watson

    Reply Reply November 18, 2015

    I picked up a song which is perfect for my daughter, Thanks.

  • Tam

    Reply Reply December 30, 2015

    The correct spelling is “tessitura”.

  • Andy Barnes

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    thanks Tam

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    Thanks!!!! Very interesting post. May be some songs in French….. I have some ideas here….

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    Stumbled upon this. It’s “Die Winterreise”. “Der Winterriese” rather pleasingly translates as “The winter giant”.

  • Contemporary Music Artist

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    Thank you for your post!This tutorial is fabulous! Lots of great info including, pop/rock, classical and the musical theater genres. This should give you a great starting point for material that can start to sing in the genre you are most comfortable.

  • Camila Rabin

    Reply Reply February 21, 2017

    Empire State of Mind is one of my favorite karaoke songs! One of my karaoke buddies is a pretty good rapper and we love doing this song together. It’s always a huge hit. That said, we both know that if we were to reverse the roles, with him singing Alicia’s part and me rapping, we would get banned from any karaoke bar on earth…

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