This Is How You Sing High Notes

Young Man by Microphone --- Image by © image100/Corbis

  The above video shows a naval officer singing God Bless America. I have to say that this is a great example of correct singing and vocal coordination when singing a modern style of music. You really hear this coordination kick in when he hits the F#4 on the lyric “foam” (around the 0:36 mark).…

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5 Easy Songs To Sing For Aspiring Vocalists

If you Are You Searching For Easy Songs To Sing….. …you have come to the right place. If you are just starting out on you singing journey and you want to know what are some easy songs to sing, to practice on or perform, then please keep reading….. In this article, I want to give you a few…

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Can I Sing Or Am I Doomed To Be Forever Tone Deaf?


Can I Sing? This is a question that many budding young singers have most likely asked themselves over the years. For some people the answer may have been yes, for others, the answer may have been different. The interesting thing is that people who can naturally sing still have to work hard at it by…

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I Want To Sing But I Don’t Know Where To Start

Image the announcer speaks into a microphone.

This is an article for all those beginners out there who think “I want to sing” but don’t know how or where to start. They may even wonder if they have any talent at all, or if they can actually sing. I want to take some time to explore what kind of options are available…

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How To Sing A Song In 3 Easy Steps Today

Stage lights

I have talked a lot on this blog about learning technique and practicing vocal exercises, but what about learning how to sing a song? Once you have a solid technique and you want to start singing actual songs (the fun part), how do you go about learning songs and practicing them enough that you are…

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3 Pros And Cons Of Online Singing Lessons

A young pretty woman singer, singing with eyes closed, holding a microphone.

Online singing lessons have become quite popular over the last decade, with many different techniques and singing methods available as downloadable or stream-able content. With the explosion of Skype and other technologies, you can even do coaching style lessons with people in different countries. As online singing lessons have become quite popular, I wanted to…

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What Does It Mean To Learn To Sing Naturally?

Black African male singing live

What does it mean to learn to sing naturally? It’s a great question for one, but it also raises another question – why would you want to sing naturally, and what happens if you don’t? Also if you can sing naturally, then you also must be able to sing unnaturally as well! The word “naturally”…

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3 Things I Disagree With Speech Level Singing About

Beautiful African woman singing with the microphone

Speech level singing, if you haven’t heard of it, is a technique that teaches that singing should be as natural and easy as speaking. Now, I think we can all agree that speaking is a natural and easy thing to do, and while I do believe that you can sing freely and easily, there are…

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5 Tips To Blitz Your Audition For The Voice

Stage lights

We have all heard of the TV show “The Voice”, with the novel idea of having the judges only listen to the voice during the audition while not being able to see the contestant. Even though there are several steps that a singer will need to take to just be able to sing for a…

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Learning To Sing Does Not Need To Take Hours A Day

singende Frau

Did you know that learning to sing does not need to take up hours a day? Did you also know that you can actually improve if you practice the right things for 15 minutes a day? If you didn’t, then I hope you find this as good news. In this post, I want to talk…

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