3 Tips On How To Scream Without Damaging Your Voice

Young Woman Singing in Front of the Audience

I remember hearing Robert Plant or Stevie Wonder scream those really high notes, and I always wondered how they did it. How did they learn how to scream so high? Then Jeff Buckley came along, and was doing the same thing – screaming out E & F’s above high C’s like there was no tomorrow,…

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How To Sing With Vibrato If You Have A Straight Tone

You Can Develop Vibrato Even if You Sing With A Straight Tone Today! It seems that in more modern singing styles, vibrato is not seen as something that doesn’t quite fit. If you listen to many singers, they will tend to sing a straight tone when holding long notes, and some singers may bring some…

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How To Sing From Your Diaphragm Explained

Apparato respiratorio polmoni raggi x

One of the most common things you read or hear said in singing circles is the statement “sing from your diaphragm”. Singing from your diaphragm is seen as the basis of good singing technique, but it can be tough for a singer to understand just how to do it. In this article, I want to…

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How To Practice Singing – What You Need To Know

Headshot of female singer with closed eyes keeping microphone on grey background. Concept of music and retro fashion

How to practice singing? This is a question that is probably asked by most singers at one point in their lives. Do I just need to practice the songs I want to sing, or are there other things I should practice that will help me to become a better singer? In this article, I want…

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3 Tips To Learn How To Sing Like A Pro


So you want to learn how to sing like a pro? Make big money, have legions of adoring fans, tour the country, have number 1 albums etc. You get the picture…….. Is it good enough, just to look pretty and use studio effects like pitch shifting etc to make you sound good. Could you pull…

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How To Sing High Notes Without Strain

desperate man

As singers, we all love to sing those high notes. I don’t think there is a much better feeling than nailing a high note in a performance and having the audience cheering and clapping. In this article, I want to explore the 3 tips that singers can use to help them when learning how to…

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Should We Sing Like We Speak?

Singing Woman with Retro Microphone

In my travels I have seen many different singing techniques, from no technique at all, to singing from your hips, and more recently I saw a video clip where a vocal teacher told a student to sing from their toes – go figure. If you want to find a good teacher so you can learn…

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Technique vs Style


In this post, I wanted to explore the importance of learning a good technique and how it can apply to singing style. We all know that there are different styles or genres in singing. From pop to classical/operatic, rock to R&B, country to gospel, and all variations in between. There is a myth that singing…

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Learn How To Sing Natures Way


Did you know that there is a natural way to sing with an open throat? That’s right, we are all born making sound naturally. Did you also know that your voice doesn’t have to deteriorate as you age. In fact, my singing teacher’s teacher was quite happily singing high C’s well into his 90’s and…

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How To Get Better At Singing – The Bottleneck Octave

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Most singers will spend much of their career learning how to successfully navigate the bottleneck octave, trying to achieve a smooth transition from one end of their range to the other. You may have heard this concept referred to as the “mix”, or mixing/blending the voice. What ever name people will give it, they are…

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