Can Anyone Learn To Sing And Improve Their Voice?

Can anyone learn to sing is a question that I have seen asked asked quite a lot, and the answer for the most part is yes – anyone can learn to sing.

My singing teacher has been tutoring a singer, who when they first started would sing a different note to the one played on the piano.

But after a while he now not only sings the correct note, he can now sing all kinds of vocal scales, exercises and songs and is developing a fine bass baritone voice.

This question could be asked of any skill really, say can anyone learn to play golf. Again the answer to this question for the most part would also be yes. The rub here, is how good you will likely get, and that is dependent on may factors.

We now know the answer to the question can anyone learn to sing is yes, how do you go about the learning part.

Can Anyone Learn To Sing – Where To Start

As I have mentioned in many previous articles/posts, the secret to singing is learning a good solid technique. There a generally a couple of ways to do this:

  1. Formal/informal training with a vocal coach/singing teacher
  2. Buying a good online singing course

If you want to tips on how to find a good singing teacher, I wrote an article on learn how to sing by finding a good teacher, which you can access by clicking on the link.

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A good course or singing teacher/coach, will show you the basics of singing (as well as music depending on the course), and give you a structured way to learn and practice.

Depending on the course/teacher, the structure will generally include vocal scales and exercises to help develop your range, tone and power as well as songs you can sing that are appropriate for your range and skill level.

Can anyone learn to sing? Yes, and I highly recommend learning by finding a good teacher or online course, because it is more focused and structured than learning how to sing by just singing your favorite songs.

Can Anyone Learn To Sing – How Good Will I Get?

can anyone learn to sing image 2The answer is – I don’t know. This depends on a lot of different factors such as natural talent, level of musicality, how much practice you do etc.

Going back to the the golf analogy again – I could go get professional coaching to improve my swing and technique (always coming back to technique), but I doubt, I would ever get to a professional level. By the way, I am really not a big fan of golf.

Some people have good natural singing voices that have developed fairly naturally through study/singing songs, they get to a professional level quickly and they seem to be the lucky few.

Then there are people like me (before i learned how to sing), who are naturally musical and can play one or more musical instruments, but haven’t really developed their voice. They may have a limited vocal range power or have a thin tone (like I had).

For me, seeing a singing teacher did wonders, and my range, tone and power started to improve only after a few short weeks, even though they taught me bad technique. Even though I had a natural, though weak singing voice, I have still had to work hard to improve and get to the level of a professional singer – it doesn’t always come easy.

For others, especially if they are not that musical, or musical at all, they will need to work hard to improve, but like the singer I mentioned at the start of the post, you can develop a voice with some range and the ability to sing in tune.

I won’t lie and say that everyone who learns how to sing will be good enough to make a career out of it, but the world is a strange place, with many singers who have amazing voices never being heard, and singers who have average or even bad voices becoming household names (e.g. Bob Dylan).

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So, can anyone learn to sing? The answer is a resounding yes.

How good you will get depends on a number of factors, but I do believe that if you learn to sing with correct technique and you work hard, improvement will come and you may find yourself one day singing for friends and family and blowing them away.

I hope you have found this article informative and as always, I wish you success in all your singing endeavors.

Andy Barnes

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