My Top 2 Breathing Exercises For Singing Effortlessly

Apparato respiratorio polmoni raggi x

In this article, I want to cover my top 2 breathing exercises for singing which will help you to sing effortlessly. It’s obvious that breathing is absolutely fundamental to singing, but you would be surprised a how many singers do not breathe correctly when singing, and it can cause all kinds of issues, such as…

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Learn How To Sing Better For Girls And Increase Your Range

Asian singer producing song in recording studio

In today’s post i want to focus on the topic – how to sing better for girls. I have previously written a post that talked about how to sing better for guys, but today it’s the girls turn. If you find you have a limited vocal range, and you struggle to hit those high notes,…

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My Absolute Top 5 Vocal Exercises For Singers

Sweet music

In this article I want to share my top 5 vocal exercises for singers that give the best “bang for buck”! These top 5 vocal exercises for singers really helped me to increase my range and learn how to mix my voice in the middle of my voice so I could eventually sing notes in…

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How To Hit High Notes In A Song With Ease

Emotional singer. Young woman.

Do you get nervous, or does your throat get tight when you approach a high note in a song? Have you ever wondered how to hit high notes in a song consistently without having to worry about it? What if high notes were just another note in the line of your voice that you had…

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Can You Teach Yourself To Sing Successfully?

Voice student and teacher

It can be quite expensive to learn how to sing, which is why I see the question – can you teach yourself to sing, being asked quite a lot. I know learning how to sing is expensive, because I personally have spent thousands of dollars on teachers and coaching. Some being worth every penny and…

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The Mystery Of How To Sing Properly Finally Explained

Knowledge Empowers You Chalk Illustration

With all the information that is out there it can be difficult to know how to sing properly, if the way you are singing is based on correct technique or not and whether you will find yourself with vocal troubles down the line. In this article, I want to explore what correct singing technique is…

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How To Sing Better For Guys By Mixing The Voice


In this article, I want to focus on how to sing better for guys specifically. Although the correct technique for singing is exactly the same for both sexes, there are some specific difficulties that male singers face that are different for female singers. One of the main differences which we will explore in greater detail…

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Can Anyone Learn To Sing And Improve Their Voice?

funny elegant singer bearded

Can anyone learn to sing is a question that I have seen asked asked quite a lot, and the answer for the most part is yes – anyone can learn to sing. My singing teacher has been tutoring a singer, who when they first started would sing a different note to the one played on…

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Learn How To Sing Higher In 3 Easy Steps

singing girl

Almost all the singers I know want to know how to sing higher. It is quite a feeling to hit a high note, hold it and then bask to the applause from the audience. Some singers could be at the top of their range, and wondering how they can break through the barrier to access…

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3 Tips On How To Sing In Tune Without Trying


One of the hallmarks of a great singer is that they learned how to sing in tune and how to do it consistently. On the other end of the spectrum, when a singer struggles to stay in tune, it can be rather difficult to listen to. The goal is to learn how to sing in…

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