How To Improve Singing Power And Tone


I don’t think I would be incorrect in saying that the majority of singers out there would love to know how to improve singing power and tone. In this article, I want to focus on the concept of resonance and how it applies to the human voice and how we can use it to answer…

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How to Improve Your Voice Quickly and Naturally Using Support

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The concept of support in singing is foundational, and yet in my experience, it is very difficult to find any real explanation on what support actually is and how to employ it properly. My first singing teacher taught me that support was “pushing out”, and other singing methods say that you don’t need to worry…

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How To Sing Better Today With These 4 Powerful Tips

Woman belting out a song

I want to share with you 4 powerful tips and techniques that can be used to improve the singing voice. Will they make you a master singer overnight – no, but they will start you on the journey to becoming a better singer. It doesn’t matter what style you sing, these 4 tips will still…

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How To Get Better At Singing

Concerts, music and related things

How to get better at singing? It is a question that everyone budding young singer has probably asked themselves at one time or another. Personally, I wasn’t happy with the tone, range or strength of my voice and after asking that particular question, it was answered by a friend recommending a singing teacher to me,…

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Learn How to Sing by Finding the Right Course or Teacher

expressive woman singing to the microphone

There are many sites, courses and other resources on and off the internet that will show you to learn how to sing. In fact, can be quite confusing actually to know which ones are good and which ones are pure snake oil. When I first started training with a singing teacher, my voice improved quite…

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