How To Get Better At Singing

How to get better at singing? It is a question that everyone budding young singer has probably asked themselves at one time or another.

Personally, I wasn’t happy with the tone, range or strength of my voice and after asking that particular question, it was answered by a friend recommending a singing teacher to me, and there began my journey.

So, what is the problem? Why can becoming even a competent singer be such a difficult undertaking?

The problem lies in the fact that the human voice is essentially controlled by muscles, and like any kind of activity that involves muscles, training and conditioning is needed so they function at the required level of performance.

So, how does someone get better at singing? By training, practice and performance. Training and practice are about technique and conditioning, while performance is about putting it all together by learning and singing songs in front of an audience.

How To Get Better At Singing – Training, Practice and Performance

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Say you decided that you wanted to be an Olympic athlete. You would most likely find a coach, and then begin learning the techniques of the particular sport you had chosen. It is no different with singing.

Just like sprinting has a particular technique in order to get the muscles performing in an optimal way, singing also has a particular technique designed to do the same.

As with the Olympic athlete example, it is crucial to find the right teacher/coach in order to ensure that you are learning the correct technique, so that injury can be avoided and you can enjoy vocal longevity. Click on the link to learn how to sing by finding the right teacher.


Continuing on with the Olympic athlete example, to reach the level needed to represent your country, it’s not too hard to imagine that many hours of practice would be needed. In fact they may train 2 – 4 hours every day for years to qualify.

Now, I am not saying that a singer needs to practice for that many hours a day to become good, anywhere around 15 – 30 minutes a day especially when starting off is fine.

Practice and more importantly practicing the correct technique is crucial in becoming a better singer. Learn how to sing better starting today and you can be on the road to learning the correct technique and what to practice.


Concerts, music and related thingsThe third point in the answer to the question of how to get better at singing is performance.Lets face it, while practicing technique can be fun especially when your voice is improving rapidly, at some point you will want to get out there and perform.

After all, what are we doing all this practice for if we can’t get out there and have fun doing what we love? Singing in front of people carries its own set of challenges that need to be overcome e.g. stage fright, nerves, vocal stamina etc.

The only way to overcome these challenges is to perform and perform often. Performing is much easier when based upon the firm foundation of a rock solid technique built up by consistent training and practice.

So, I hope I have answered the question of “how to get better at singing”, at least at a high level. I could write many pages on the topic of training and technique alone, but that will be for another day.

If I wanted you to take only one thing from this post, it would be that singing is much closer to athletic training than one might imagine – both train and condition muscles in order to perform at their best.

To success in all your singing endeavors.

Andy Barnes

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