How To Practice Singing – What You Need To Know

How to practice singing? This is a question that is probably asked by most singers at one point in their lives. Do I just need to practice the songs I want to sing, or are there other things I should practice that will help me to become a better singer?

In this article, I want to explore what you will kind of things you will need to practice in order to improve your voice, from the comfort of your own home, a practice studio, or wherever.

how to practice singing image 1How To Practice Singing – The Problem

Most singers, and I was one of them, don’t really know how to practice singing. Many singers will just practice songs, with no real idea about how they could increase their range or improve their tone etc.

The issue with just practicing songs is that it can be difficult to build a good technique, or to pinpoint any vocal problems that a singer might have.

Having said that, there are some singers who have been gifted with a natural technique/voice, who have just practiced songs, but for the rest of us, I don’t recommend it.

If you want to learn how to sing like a pro and be a professional singer, I definitely don’t recommend just practicing songs, as you will need a good technique to ensure you have some longevity in your career.

There is actually another side to this equation, with practicing songs/material only one side of the coin. When learning how to practice singing we need to consider the complete picture…….

How To Practice Singing – The Complete Picture

How To Practice Singing Second ImageAs suggested above, there are two kinds of things that you will need to practice to help you get a good solid singing technique and improve your voice.

They are; 1) Scales & Exercises and 2) Repertoire.

Let’s explore these in more detail:

Scales & Vocal Exercises

Why scales and exercises? Well the main reason for practicing scales and vocal exercises is that they help you to build a good vocal technique, increase your range, vocal tone and power, all without
having to worry about singing lyrics.

How do vocal exercises help build a solid technique. Because an exercise or scale is relatively easy to sing on a single vowel, you can concentrate on singing correctly and building a good technique, rather than having to worry about the rigors of singing songs.

This helps you pinpoint any problems, such as a tight jaw or a lack of support and allows you to start fixing these problems, in the context of a simple exercise. This would be much more difficult if you were trying to identify these while also trying to master a song.

You actually don’t have to sing scales and exercises for hours a day, in fact practicing them for 15 – 30 minutes a day can be very beneficial and help you achieve some excellent results.

A really good simple exercise to start off with is a five tone scale. I have attached mp3 files at the bottom of this article you can listen to that demonstrates this exercise and you can you use it to help you start learning how to practice singing.


Repertoire, is just a fancy word that means you are practicing actual songs or pieces of music. So, why is repertoire important to practice?

I don’t know about you, but I would never go see a singer stand and sing scales and exercises – it would be very boring.

The goal is to sing songs, blow an audience away, bring someone to tears with your voice. You can’t do this with singing scales alone. So, while scales and exercises help to build our voice and develop a good technique, practicing songs is really what it is all about.

Make sure when you pick songs to practice, that you you are not trying to sing something that is outside your range or is too hard for you at your present level. If you really have to sing a song that is too high/hard for you, at least try singing it in a lower key so that you don’t damage your voice.

How to practice singing third imageHow To Practice Singing – Tips and Tricks

There are a few tips and tricks I have learned that maybe helpful to you when practicing singing:

  • If you are taking an online singing course, use their recorded exercises to help you practice, so you don’t need a piano or keyboard
  • If you have no piano, keyboard or recorded exercises, buy a keyboard app for your smart phone or tablet. I use one called Grand Piano
  • When learning a song for the first time, sing it through a few times using your favorite vowel rather than singing the words. This will help you get used to the range and melody of the song
  • Use some difficult melody lines from your favorite songs as exercises to make it more fun. Sing them using a comfortable vowel


Well I hope this article has armed you with the knowledge on how to practice singing. I you would like more info on how to practice singing or just how to sing better in general, please click on the link.

I wish you success in all your singing endeavors.

Andy Barnes

Five Tone Exercise –  Female

Five Tone Exercise – Male

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  • kiran

    Reply Reply February 19, 2015

    plss can u give me the link of grand piano app ??

  • Andy Barnes

    Reply Reply February 22, 2015

    Hi Kiran,

    You can search for it on the Apple app store.


  • Florence

    Reply Reply January 5, 2017

    These lessons av greatly improved my vocal range.thanks alot

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