Module 1

Lesson 1 – Welcome and Introduction

Lesson 2 – Posture and Breathing

Lesson 3 – Vocal Support

Lesson 4 – First Vocal Exercise

Lesson 5 – Summary

Vocal Exercise Files


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  • Patrick Shannon

    Reply Reply February 23, 2016

    I am enjoying the course. I’m a 50-something male that sings in a contemporary praise/worship band and I desperately need to develop better technique, better range and overall control, especially for softer songs with long sustained notes. We actually try to cover other leading musicians which continually exposes my limitations!

    One question, however, regarding Support. Is this essentially the same as “sucking in the gut?” I am not sure exactly what lifting the abdominal muscles is supposed to feel like.

    By the way, the idea of noticing if the sides are expanding when breathing with the diaphragm is very good.

    Thank you,

    • Andy Barnes

      Reply Reply April 5, 2016

      Hi Patrick,

      Support is not the same as sucking in the gut. it is actually the action of lifting the abdominal muscles upwards towards the diaphragm.

      It is important to lift the muscles upwards – not in….

      I hope this helps


  • Lee in Texas

    Reply Reply August 1, 2016

    Hi Andy:

    Thanks for the videos. Regarding support, exactly _how_ does one lift these muscles? Is it the same thing as doing a Kegel exercise (

    Or does pushing the solar plexus out (as when emitting a fast, short hiss) and tucking the hips in automatically raise these muscles as well?

    I look forward to your insight.

    • Andy Barnes

      Reply Reply August 9, 2016

      Hi Lee,

      It’s not the same as doing a Kegel. All you need to do is lift your abdominal muscles in an upward direction.

      Pushing the solar plexus out and tucking the hips doesn’t do it either. You need to deliberately lift your ab muscles upwards.

      If you stand up straight and stick your chest out, your ab muscles should lift up naturally. This may help you get used to the feeling of lifting the ab muscles.

      Andy Barnes

  • Lee P

    Reply Reply August 2, 2016

    Hi Andy:

    Regarding support, how can we tell if we’re actually lifting the abdominal muscles correctly (and not, for example, sucking in the gut)? Any tips you can give on what exactly we should be doing internally would be appreciated.



    • Andy Barnes

      Reply Reply August 9, 2016

      Hi Lee,

      If you suck your gut in, generally your whole posture can collapse. For example when I pull in, my shoulders tend to pull forward, but when I pull up everything remains in position.

      Basically – when you breathe, take a breath that fills the lungs and expands the sides of your waste (i.e. put your hands just above your waste and you should feel your hands push outwards. Then, simply pull you ab muscles upwards as you start to make sound. You abdominal bulk should move up towards your diaphragm.

      I do have videos in the first module of my course that demonstrate it. Just click on the Vocal Training link in the main navigation.

      Andy Barnes

  • Lee P

    Reply Reply August 24, 2016

    Hi Andy,

    I watched the video on support, but when you demonstrate support, it looks to me like you’re sucking in your gut while keeping your shoulders straight. When I try to pull up my ab muscles, my abdomen does not move visibly. Any further clarifications you can make?

    • Andy Barnes

      Reply Reply August 25, 2016

      Hi Lee,

      It does look like that, but my abdominal bulk is definitely moving in an upwards direction and connecting with my diaphragm, it is not moving inwards.

      When you pull up, you should see some movement there, and it kind of does look like sucking in the gut.

      Stand up straight, take a breath and interlock your fingers and put your hands just under your belly button. Then use your hands to lift your abdominal bulk upwards. This should give you an idea of what lifting or pulling upwards looks like.


  • Lee

    Reply Reply November 26, 2016

    Hi Andy:

    Is the “pulling-up” sensation the same one you feel in your abdomen when you blow down into a beverage bottle (e.g., to make it sound)?

    Also, will you be releasing a full course on singing anytime soon?

    All the best!

    • Andy Barnes

      Reply Reply December 5, 2016

      Hi Lee,

      When you pull up you are just lifting your abdominal muscles up against your diaphragm. When you are blowing in a bottle, you would be exhaling at that point and you don’t necessarily need to pull up to blow into a bottle.

      I have a course for $99 that you can upgrade to if you go to the vocal training link on my sight. I am also looking at putting together a coaching program using Skype lessons as well.


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